Beige Musk - 10ml


Beige Musk - 10ml
  • Beige Musk - 10ml
  • $35.00

Like the incensed air of an ancient forest - balsamic, spicy, and leathery with warm wood notes. 


Unisex. Features smoky notes of Pink Pepper, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Peru Balsam, Woody Ambers and Musks.

In three words: Grounding, Earthy, Woody. 

NOVA Musks are not perfumes. Beige Musk initially emits as a full fragrance, then dries down to musky base notes which radiate aroma that is personal to the wearer. The effect is a scent which is unplaceable to passersby, a pheromonal aura, an extension and elevation of your own chemistry. 

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