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Perfumery Courses
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Now scheduling for Spring / Summer 2022.
Nova hosts workshops which provide an introductory exploration of both natural and synthetic raw materials used in the aromatherapy, fine fragrance and other personal care industries.
In our 2 hour course, clients will experience the full range of olfactive "families" through scent evaluation of dozens of materials, as well as learn two types of formula structures. This class is designed to provide a lot of information in a short period of time, therefore it is a great jumping off point for those looking to cover a lot of ground, quickly.
For students looking for a more comprehensive and nuanced experience - including discussion of genealogy, extraction methods and detailed formula structure please select the 3 and 6 hour class options.

For all classes, clients receive informational packets with further reading recommendations, sample formulas, pointers for building a home laboratory and vetted resources for ordering materials. 
For those seeking more in-depth analysis - fragrance creation, brand consulting, etc - contact 
Classes are scheduled following purchase. If you have a required date in mind, be sure to email us ahead of time to hold a time slot (we will hold it for 24 hours).

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