For Spring 2014, jewelry designer Anna Sheffield has joined Julia Zangrilli of NOVA to create NOVA for Anna Sheffield – a collection of custom room and linen fragrances based on three of Sheffield’s signature jewelry designs.
    Hazeline is named after one of Sheffield’s original bridal jewelry designs and is a lush, feminine mix of damask rose and currants, with hints of apple, amber and patchouli  - notes inspired by the warm tone of rose gold.
    Moonstone is named for the semi-precious stone that Sheffield uses throughout her collection. Much like the stone itself, it is clean and ethereal, with white musk and amber notes - imagined with a rainbow moonstone’s flash of color in delicate pear and violet notes.
    BEA No. 3
    Bea No. 3 is named for one of Sheffield’s Deco-inspired silhouettes which can be envisioned in a myriad of ways - with Bea No. 3, green cognac is paired with sweet birch and bitter citrus notes that evoke the effervescence of champagne diamonds and warm tones of yellow gold. 
    Each bottle bears the signature NOVA silhouette and Anna Sheffield black wax seal and features mixed metal caps, influenced by Sheffield’s frequent pairing of silver or white gold with yellow gold and rose gold. Sheffield is no stranger to collaborations, having worked with top fashion designers, including Philip Lim and Marc Jacobs, but this is the designer's first foray into fragrance. From their first meeting when NOVA founder Julia Zangrilli visited Sheffield’s recently opened store on Manhattan’s Lower East Side looking to create her dream engagement ring, the two immediately hit it off.
    NOVA for Anna Sheffield will be available in mid-May exclusively at Anna Sheffield's store at 47 Orchard Street, NYC, as well as by special order (212.925.7010). Prices range from $95-$145. 

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