What’s your name?
    Alexandra Elizabeth Andrade.

    Southern CT and Spain.

    What do you do for a living?
    Owner of Burnin' For You Candle Co and Hair Stylist

    What kind of perfumes do you typically go for?
    Fresh, light.

    What’s your earliest memory of perfume?
    Duty free airport shops. Watching my mother get ready for dinner parties. She always smelled of Chanel no. 5. 

    What perfume did you wear at age 13?
    GAP Heaven, Tommy Girl.

    What perfume did you wear at age 16?
    Victoria’s Secret Love Spell,Clinique Happy.

    What perfume did you wear at age 22?
    Gucci Rush.

    Favorite comfort smells?
    Post-beach skin. Honey roasted peanut street carts. They conjure up my favorite memories of being in high school, sneaking into the city, and going to all-night parties with my best friends.

    What did your home growing up smell like?
    Salt water, fresh cut grass, pierogies.

    What’s your sign?

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