What’s your name?
    Bri Livergood.

    Born in Healdsburg, CA. Grew up in Kansas City, MO.

    What do you do for a living?
    Fashion web producer / holistic nutritionist.

    What kind of perfumes do you typically go for?
    Clean. Fresh. Citrus.

    What’s your earliest memory of perfume?
    The smell of pine…hiking with my father in the Santa Cruz mountains at age 9.

    What perfume did you wear at age 13?
    Grass by Gap. Smelled like a sunny day spent lolling on the grass.

    What perfume did you wear at age 16?
    Trésor…or whatever my older sister was wearing at the time. I borrowed everything of hers.

    What perfume did you wear at age 22?
    Pour un Été eau de toilette by L'Artisan Parfumeur. A gift from my beautiful Francophile mother.

    Favorite comfort smells?
    The ocean. My husband.

    What did your home growing up smell like?
    Eucalyptus leaves. Lavender stems. My mother always filled our home with nature.

    What’s your sign?

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