What’s your name?
    Emily Anderson Van Dyne.

    Arlington, VA.

    What do you do for a living?
    Currently in school full-time; I’m studying literature and political science/women and gender studies.

    What kind of perfumes do you typically go for?
    I’m drawn to fragrances that draw YOU in. Warm scents that make you want to get up close to the skin that’s wearing it.

    What’s your earliest memory of perfume?
    When I was little—maybe around 4 or 5—I used to make “perfume” for my mother out of smushed up flowers, seeds and vanilla extract. She was sweet to wear it from time to time and so that was her day scent, I guess. At night when she went out with my father she wore Opium, by YSL.

    What perfume did you wear at age 13?
    Nothing really, unless Suave coconut shampoo counts.

    What perfume did you wear at age 16?
    Versace Woman, Stella McCartney.

    What perfume did you wear at age 22?
    White Patchouli by Tom Ford.

    Favorite comfort smells?
    Burning wood, wet pavement.

    What did your home growing up smell like?
    House smells are so hard to describe! Best try: dust and the dog and sunlight and mac and cheese.

    What’s your sign?
    Cancer, with moon in Libra.

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