What’s your name?
    Jenn Tardif.

    Toronto, Canada.

    What do you do for a living?
    Yoga Teacher + Founder of 3RD RITUAL.

    What kind of perfumes do you typically go for?
    Natural, floral, nostalgic.
    What’s your earliest memory of perfume?
    My mom had a round box filled with scented powder. I used to sneak into her room and pat myself with the puff whenever I was playing dress up.
    What perfume did you wear at age 13?
    None! I was very late to the beauty game.

    What perfume did you wear at age 16?
    Free samples from cosmetic counters at the mall.

    What perfume did you wear at age 22?
    Burberry Brit.
    Other than NOVA, what do you wear now?
    I also love Vetyverio by Dyptique.

    Favorite comfort smells?
    Lavender, rose, wood, black currant and fig.

    What did your home growing up smell like?
    Usually food… my dad did all the cooking and would spend hours perfecting tomato sauce or a roast chicken.

    What’s your sign?

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