What’s your name?
    Manjari Doxey.

    San Diego, CA. Actually, since I grew up on a boat, the Pacific Ocean might be my hometown.

    What do you do for a living?
    Writer. Department Assistant for C. Wonder and Monika Chiang Brands.

    What kind of perfumes do you typically go for?
    Fruity and tropical. Anything that smells like summer.

    What’s your earliest memory of perfume?
    My aunt’s overpowering bomb cloud of scent - it was musky, mature, and quintessentially 80s. 

    What perfume did you wear at age 13?
    I wore this Vanilla body mist that I believe was made by the very sophisticated brand “Lip Smackers”. It smelled like cotton candy made from meth.

    What perfume did you wear at age 16?
    By the age of 16 I was going for a more sophisticated body spray called “Vanilla Fantasy”.  This had fairies on the plastic cap. 

    What perfume did you wear at age 22?
    Escada, Pacific Paradise.

    Favorite comfort smells?
    The smell of my cat’s fur. The smell of a boyfriend’s shirt.

    What did your home growing up smell like?
    Weed. Incense. Conspiracy theories. Sage to keep the negative vibes away.

    What’s your sign?
    Cancer. But I have always found this to be suspect.

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